Monday, May 7, 2012

Agenda 21 spotted again: Alert number 5 (traffic calming)

Agenda 21 on 12th Avenue South

Large unnecessary traffic island slows traffic.
Agenda 21 polices are everywhere; everywhere I tell you! I have now discovered that "traffic calming" is part of the Agenda 21 plot. And, it is happening right here in Nashville! Places where you can see traffic calming  are on lower Broadway, and downtown old Woodbine, and especially in Hillsboro Village and on 12 Ave South. The pictures accompanying this story are pictures of traffic calming on 12th Avenue South.

Notice the oversize neon sign and the sign in the
middle of the street.

What is traffic calming? That is techniques to slow traffic and make streets safer for pedestrians. Traffic calming involves things like narrowing streets with bike lanes and painted lanes on the street that create an illusion of a more narrow street and planters and trees adjacent to the street and oversize sidewalks and green space that could otherwise be used for traffic lanes. Pedestrian peninsulas  that extend sidewalks out into the street at intersections are part of Agenda 21 Traffic Calming. Stop signs may even be part of Agenda 21 if the purpose is to slow traffic. Worst of all are speed bumps that force you to slow down. Anything that slows traffic and creates a safer environment for pedestrians and would encourage people to walk is "traffic calming."

People all over the country who have become John Birch Society trained Agenda 21 experts are exposing and denouncing traffic calming as part of the diabolical plot to destroy our American way of life. This is from wake County, North Carolina:
The Wake County Commissioners, a number of months back, established a "Sustainability Study Task Force". Fortunately, a member of our Wake County Taxpayers Association was appointed to that Task Force and has been a voice for us, although she seems to be a lone voice on the Task Force who is even aware of the dangers of Agenda 21. The City of Raleigh has for several years been pushing "Sustainability" concepts including a big to-do on "Smart Growth", "Traffic Calming", and the three big "Es" (Economy, Environment, and Equity). (read more)
Here is another exposé of Traffic Calming:

This design slows traffic at intersections and
makes it easier to cross the street.
“Traffic calming devices” include lane reductions, planted median strips, corner bump-outs, cement roundabouts, speed bumps and chicanes occupying former parking spaces. They are all different types of hazardous obstacles -- whose purpose is to delay you or discourage you from using your automobile. Traffic calming is not just physically hazardous. It harms our way of life as well. (read more)
You don't even have to take the words of the critics of Agenda 21 to learn that Traffic Calming is part of Agenda 21. In many parts of the world, Agenda 21 is not something that is sinister and exposed but it is something that is openly advocated and embraced. In many countries there are official committees that call themselves "Agenda 21 Committees" and they work to promote sustainable development and pedestrian safety and green ways and bike lanes and other diabolical things. This is from Ealing, England:
Cycling could be the answer to many of Ealing's transport problems. The local Agenda 21 Transport Group is realistic about the constraints facing the Council and BRETS in the adoption of measures which positively discriminate in favour of bikes and pedestrians, but we feel these are ideas whose time has now come. The Department of Transport is beginning to permit new ways to calm traffic and promote cycle mobility, and national attitudes are changing. (read more)
See how the rest of the world is acquiescing to Agenda 21? Well not in America! In America we know that it is un-American to share the road. It is our God-given right to drive as fast as we can. So what if you run over a family pet or an elderly person slowly crossing the road or a child chasing a ball? They shouldn't be in the road! Roads are for cars! And, if you hit a bicyclist? Well they shouldn't have been wearing those sissy little lycra bicycle pants anyway. Those are obscene. They deserved it!

Trees create an illusion of a more narrow street and
create comfort for pedestrians.
Somewhere it must be in the Constitution that roads are for cars, or maybe it is in the Bible, but we know traffic calming is wrong! It is un-American and is part of the plot to destroy our way of life. Thankfully we have the Republican National Committee, a lot of local Republican leaders and the Republican-dominated State Legislature protecting us from Agenda 21.

Be afraid of traffic calming! Be very afraid. Today it is traffic calming and tomorrow it is off to the gulag. I am adding traffic calming to my list of things that are part of the Agenda 21 conspiracy. It is getting to be a long list.

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  1. Why should it be dangerous for pedestrians to walk around? Why should the government create roads that are so dangerous for walkers and bikers that the government is implicitly requiring people to spend thousands of dollars a year in order to purchase and maintain a car?

  2. Walking around should not be dangerous, that is not the straw man we wish to attack. We simply do not want to give up our sovereignty and control of our laws to a corrupt organization such as the UN....We do not want to allow UN Officials to control how we use private land, whether we allow gun possession or not, whether our profitable companies will be required to pony up for the third world companies and nations that are failing, and allow them to place rigid regulations against our US businesses while China and India spew waste into the world unfeterred. etc.

  3. I appreciated what we did here. I enjoyed every little bit some of it. I am always trying to find informative information this way. Thanks for sharing around.

  4. Thank you for from responsible Republicans everywhere.
    I was in tears!