Friday, June 8, 2012

J. Lee Douglas of 9-12 replies to Tim Rudd in open letter

An open letter to the Rutherford County Republican Executive Committeeman Tim Rudd who has instructed Republican candidates to avoid 912 vetting and debates:

Expecting your Republican candidates to associate exclusively with your party and its political processes may succeed when your leaders are selfless, driven by noble principles and then only when the candidate himself consents to becoming Republican Party property.

 Whenever a candidate’s first loyalty can never be to any group of men, even good men, but always to his God and His principles then your Republican party is always in competition for the devotion of that candidate against an unconquerable foe. You and the GOP should be asking if your candidate is on the right side, not if he’s on your side. 

Having failed to do this, the Republican Party has seen to the election of countless, seemingly ideal individuals who go to DC, the Governor’s mansion or to the State House and turn out to be milquetoast men who have greater willingness for compromise than in defending our highest principles to every foe, including Republicans. At the end, you then reward these lost souls by celebrating them as Statesmen.

Two years ago in a debate sponsored by 912 in your Congressional District 6, the eventual winner, Representative Diane Black, to me and 200 other citizens took an oath with her raised right hand and she affirmed that her loyalty would first be to small government principles and to the people of her district always before loyalty to the Republican Party.

Disappointingly, that well known conservative think tank, The Heritage Foundation, gave Mrs. Black an indigestible voting score of 64 for her first year. Sixty-four! Speaker Boehner would have rewarded her Republican caucus cooperation with a score of 99 or higher, I'm certain. Hearing of our vocal disappointment, Mrs. Black sent her office scurrying to try and calm us down before her reputation could suffer harm.

We wonder, since she represents you and your county GOP, did any of you have a come-to-Jesus talk with Mrs. Black? If the domain of Republican candidates falls within your jurisdiction, what action were you prepared to take? When the largest American political party silently is more attentive to its bureaucratic rules and self imposed regulations than it is to electing qualified persons who can and will protect and defend the Constitution against America’s enemies, both foreign and domestic, then it becomes the absolute duty for every good citizen to insert himself into the political process for the good of country. Damn the worthless party line, the greatest country of all time is at great risk. Your lines and prejudices blur your loyalties.
If yours and the GOP across America had done its duty, only the tea party of 1773 Boston would today be known.

Mr. Rudd, 912 Project Tennessee has held classes on the Constitution, and in-depth American history, held numerous debates to highlight the strong and weak candidates. We have vetted and brought attention to the good and inferior school board members and county commissioners. Already, we have replaced some of the worst. We ignore the lines that you draw because those lines have kept you inside, away from the people where the work is happening.

For over a month now, we’ve known the thinking on imminent domain of your candidate Richard Garvin. Do you consider knowing the answer to such a question as important for your job as spokesperson for the Rutherford County GOP? The people are interested in such issues and deserve these candidates’ opinions. Will you now provide them? We have for three years.

Mr. Rudd, the reason 2010 was a bell weather year for the election of conservatives was not because of the GOP. It was and shall continue to be the work of liberty groups like ours. We offer an organized, ground game approach to our efforts that is rarely seen in a 44 member GOP office on Main Street, USA.
Your letter to candidates typifies the words of Orrin Hatch who despises groups like ours. 9-12 Project Tennessee only exists because the GOP has failed to historically educate and motivate its members and the rest of America. This failure is compounded by the politically correct resistance of the GOP to attend to those despised Godly, moral values that led to America being blessed as a people. You seek to be moral without the source of all morality. 

We are glad that you asked your Republican candidates to not participate with us because it draws a line and forces them to decide if as Americans they belong to the Republican Party or to the higher principles of freedom. Thank you for making our work easier.

We don’t seek to antagonize you but you have not shown us a hand of friendship and grace but one of passive aggression. When our goals are not separated by party lines, we are willing to work with anyone choosing our 9 principles and 12 values.


J. Lee Douglas for 912 Project Tennessee
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