Thursday, June 14, 2012

The people of Nashville deserve MUCH better.

The people of Nashville deserve MUCH better....

from Ben Cunningham
Here is an email sent to Council members last night from the Nashville Tea Party:

We ask you to listen to the voters of Nashville. It is your sworn duty

to serve them.

It is tempting to tell your constituents they are naive and don't

understand the intricacies of the Metro Budget.

On the contrary, your constituents are providing you information that

is absolutely necessary. They are reviewing their own family budgets
and telling you loudly and clearly they are unwilling to take more
money from their family budgets to fund Metro Government. You can
choose to listen or you can refuse to listen. We certainly hope you
will listen.

Their message is coming through loud and clear from their emails and

phone calls.

Their message is coming through loud and clear from the recent poll

from a respected polling company showing 68% of Nashville voters
oppose the tax increase.
This poll mirrors the results in a recent
poll from Knox County showing 64% opposition to a county wide tax increase. The Knox County Commission chose to listen to their citizens and passed a no tax increase budget.

How can you possibly disregard such an overwhelming majority of your
constituents? They deserve better representation.

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