Monday, August 27, 2012

What are they doing in Tampa: Report # 4

Beth Campbell
Today will be spent at Safety Harbor. This is wonderful old resort hotel which houses entire TN delegation. We have a brunch this morning and a dinner tonight. Isaac is moving on and leaving us with wind and rain. Fun to catch up with friends from across the great state of Tn. Will have some Spa time this afternoon.

Tennessee Republican Party
Fox News pollster Frank Luntz gives a strategy update to our delegation and presents the TNGOP with a mural of Ronald Reagan.

2:12pm Aug 27

Claire Crouch
Frank Luntz also spoke to the Tennessee delegation this morning. He was extremely entertaining, interesting and informative. He suggested that the best way to approach an Obama voter and try to convince them to vote for Romney/Ryan was to acknowledge their remorse, their disappointment in the failed policies of Obama. Acknowledge you understand they have remorse and are disappointed in their previous choice. Agree that Obama promised to help Americans with hope and change, but that he did not. Suggest that you understand there disappointment. Then, tell them Romney knows how to restore America. Romney is qualified to get America back on track. Romney is fighting for hardworking taxpayers. Romney is fighting for you.

 Senator Bob Corker speaks to the Tennessee delegation at the kickoff breakfast.

Claire Crouch11:59am Aug 27

Senator Corker addressed our Tennessee delegation this morning at breakfast. He told us he knows Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan personally. He said they are men of character and conviction. He said they have the right experiences to lead us out of the failed policies of the Obama administration and get our country back on the right course. Corker said we must reform Medicare. He spoke about the founding fathers and how right they were to declare we have the right to life, liberty and to the pursuit of happiness. He declared that as Americans we are happiest when we are able to pursue our goals, work and care for ourselves and earn our way. We must fight for the America we want. We must work hard to elect Mitt Romney the next President of the United States of America.

Convention notebook: Florida town honors Tennessee delegationThe Tennessean
The Tennessee delegation to the Republican National Convention arrived over the weekend in Safety Harbor, Fla., setting up at a mineral-springs spa on Tampa Bay's northwestern corner. The town of about 17,000 people is located a good 20 miles from ...

I'm having a great time at my first Republican Convention. I think I will be a delegate next time. I have done...


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  1. Great report Ron. I feel like a fly on the wall. Facebook is great but a lot of work for you to flag pertinent posts. Thanks, Dru