Saturday, January 12, 2013

More on Steve Gill leaving the airwaves

News Channel 5, Jan 11, 2013- Steve Gill, a vocal opponent of efforts to create a state income tax and a two-time Republican congressional nominee, is giving up his radio show. 
Update: See The Tennessean report at Conservative talk show host Steve Gill to leave radio.

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1 comment:

  1. well as a conservative as i am since age 18, i say good ridden, glad you are going
    If you out there are like me and wanted to warn the world that yes obama is a hidden communist and only if you had the microphone that steve gill has had, you would have told people about the joel gibert dvd----

    Steve gill knew about this dvd, steve fraud gill knew about joel gilbert and said nothing
    he was silent. This is the fraud who is a two time loser to political office, who has a stupid book you can buy for one penny--------

    Here is your stupid book that you can buy for --(ONE PENNY)----
    Here is another big mouth lawyer who endorsed of all people--newt gingrich, yah gingrich who says gay marriage is now ok-----
    gingrich ok with homo marriage
    well look at this link is newt gingrich really a conservative by chuck baldwin----
    Now all we need is to get a few more of these phony ass gutless frauds off the air. one that stupid hillbilly on sunday night you know hannity #2, hannity wanabe, a girl called in on sunday night before the election and said quote
    obama is a communist and willie said no, no
    he is just a liberal, he quickly cut her off
    so now you out there about to loose your second amendment rights is obama a communist??
    who"s father is frank marshall davis
    yah dam right, and call up the frauds who bashed mike huckabee in 08 levin and hannity and ask them why they did not promote joel gilbert and the dvd dreams from my real father

    good by steve, don't let the door hit ya where the good LORD split ya