Thursday, May 9, 2013

Common Core and Agenda 21

Common Core is an integral part of UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development: globalization is the standardization of systems. Whether the system is law ...

I knew the tinfoil hat brigade would tie Common Core to Agenda 21. I just knew it!  I'm still waiting to see the connection to Sharia Law, the NAFTA superhighway, Chem trails, the Bilderbergs, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, Aspartame, Fluoride, and the Federal Reserve. If you dig deep enough and really believe it, you can find the connections. 

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  1. Rod, what do you think is the purpose of Bill Gates' 2004 contract with UNESCO?

    That's a real contract a real billionaire signed with an organization that allegedly has ZERO control over education. Is Bill Gates stupid? If Common Core "state" Standards were not meeting this contract's purpose (whatever it really is and there may be multiple), why would the Gates Foundation invest the millions it has into them?

    Maybe Bill really wants to help the entire world have the same access to "free" education as a "right" like UNESCO says. Maybe he wants to cash in on being the information and communication technology (ICT) provider that UNESCO speaks of here:

    I don't know his motive. I don't know why the foundation gave ($27M) to the NGA, CCSSO and NCEES in 2008-2009. The foundation has been funding these organizations before that time. Are these leaders taking advantage of Gates' philanthropy to implement what they want? The U.N. has been after this level of control in many areas going back to at least the 80's (when Reagan withdrew the U.S. from UNESCO), but the ones getting the most attention today are the arms trade treaty, small arms treaty and law of the sea treaty. Occasionally you hear about the UN treaty on children's rights, which is just as dangerous. These have been dragging on for 30 years and our government keeps "considering" them.

    Bottom line is that Tennesseans (or for that matter most all Americans) were not asking for our state governor to recreate academic standards for public schools in 2008 - and to go meet with 11 other governors of other states to do it - or get our English Language standards from "foreign countries whose students outscore American students on tests". We were fat and happy inside our TCAP bubble with our 91% proficiency rates the state was giving us on our Report Card to keep the No Child Left Behind money flowing. The Tennessean wants to know where the parents were then? They were being lied to. Just like they are about these "state" driven standards. If they are needed, if they are good, even if they don't have horrible possible future consequences, there should not be a need to lie to the people to get them implemented.

  2. Dear Rod: I live in NY and have two grandkids in the public prison school system. These are NOT theories. You should stop writing about things you know nothing about. I have heard Rosa Koire from Democrats Against Agenda 21. I would suggest digging a little deeper and taking the glasses off.