Saturday, March 8, 2014

Greetings from CPAC 2014

I am having a great time at CPAC! If you are a conservative junkie like me, this is the fix you need. This three day event attended by about 8,000 activist with speeches by leading conservative politicians like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ben Carson and dozens of other is invigorating! it is not all politicians however. Retired Generals, college professors, authors, and think tank scholars sit on thought provoking and educational panels discussing prison reform and rehabilitation, American security and America's place in the world, response to the crisis in the Ukraine, can the fusion of libertarians and conservatives hold, school choice, alternatives to Obamacare, and other topics. In addition, there are movies with conservative themes and training session on use of social media and campaign management and other topics. There is also an exhibition hall with scores of exhibitors promoting their cause, or publication or organization. A lot of the joy of being here is the interaction with others and meeting other conservative activist from around the country.

I have not attempt to blog while here, because I would rather experience it than be reporting on it and there are large organizations and media outlets doing a better job reporting on it than I could do. Much of it was carried live on CSPAN. When this is over, I may post a few pictures and do a little recap of the conference.

Today, Tennessee State Senator Mark Green set on a panel on health care. He did a great job. If you are a conservative who is passionate about politics, you need to plan on attending CPAC next year.

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