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Who is running for Mayor and Council (update # 7). See who pulled qualifying petitions.

This is update #7. Since the last update, I have examined the list of everyone who has picked up a qualifying petition. It should be noted that many times people pick up a qualifying petition and then do not run, so all of the people listed may not be serious candidates. Below is the codes I have used for understanding what actions the candidates have taken toward their campaign.

"(T)" means the candidate has filed a treasurer's form. Candidates are not permitted to begin raising money until this form is filed.
"(D1)" means the candidate has filed a campaign disclosure. Candidates who did not appoint a treasure prior to January 15 were not required to file a campaign disclosure.
"(QP)" means the candidate has picked up a qualifying petition.
Please pay attention to "link." That will take you to the candidates website or news items about the candidate.
If you are a candidate and I missed your website or Facebook page and you would like it listed, please send me the link. I will also post any candidate's press release announcing their candidacy.

Where I have made endorsements, the candidates name is bold and in red typeface. I will be making more endorsements as time goes on but I may not make an endorsement in every race, as I may not have enough information to make an informed decision in each race or some districts may have candidates so equally distasteful that I don't care who wins.  Winnability is a factor in who I support as well as experience and philosophy of government. I will be making a modest campaign contribution to those whom I endorse.

Below are the people running for Mayor:
  • Megan Barry, progressive Council-member-at-large.  (link) (T)(D1)(QP)
  • Charles Robert Bone, an attorney (link)  (T)(D1) (QP)
  • Linda Rebrovick, Consensus Point president and CEO. A Republican. (link) (T)(D1)(QP)
  • Kenneth Eaton, owner of Eaton's Used Cars and other business interest. He is a Republican.  (link) (T)(D1)(QP)
  • Jeremy Kane, CEO and President of Lead Academy (link (T)(D1)(QP)
  •  David Fox, a former Tennessean business reporter, former Titan Advisor, former school board member. He is assumed to be a Republican and has a Republican campaign team. (link. link).  (T)(D1)(QP)
  • David Freeman, local businessman and major fund raiser for the Democratic party. (link) (link) (T)(D1)(QP)
  • Howard Gentry, former Vice Mayor, came in third when running for mayor in 2007. The only African-American in the race. Currently serves as Davidson County Criminal Court clerk. (link) (T)
  • James B. Johnson, (T)(D1)(QP)

Tim Garrett
This is who is running for Vice Mayor:
  • Tim Garrett, Councilman-at-large and former state representative. He is in the funeral home business. He is a Democrat, but he is a reasonable, fiscally conservative Democrat and a very nice guy with a depth of knowledge about Nashville. The job of Vice Mayor is to conduct Council meetings and to appoint the members of Council to committees. It is a fine balance between running efficient meetings and stifling debate. I think Garrett will strike the right balance. I think he will be fair and thoughtful in making committee assignments. With so many good people leaving the council, we need someone with institutional knowledge in the Council. Tim Garrett will be a great vice mayor. (T)(D1)(QP) (link)
  • David Briley, grandson of former Mayor Beverly Briley, an attorney with Bone McAllester Norton, former candidate for mayor. (T)(D1) (link)

There are no incumbent Council members at-large. They have all been "termed-out." These are people who have said they are running for Council-at-large or assumed to be running: 
  • Karen Bennett, currently represents a Council District and is a member of the Republican Party State Executive Committee. (T) (link)
  • Walter Hunt. He is currently serving as the Councilman from District 3, he is a retired substitute teacher and served in a high level  capacity in the Boner administration and is a member of the Davidson County Democratic Party executive committee. He is African-American. (T)(D1). (link)
  • Ken Jakes, he owns a produce company and is a citizen activist who has often exposed government waste and corruption.  He has previously sought the position, garnering the most votes other than the five incumbents. (T)(D1) (QP) link,  (link to everything ever published in this blog about Ken Jakes and learn of his work for honest and open government.)  
  • John Lasiter. He previously served in the Council represented District 18 in 2007. He is openly gay. (T)(D1) (QP)link, linklink,
  • Don Majors, who has been working in constituent services for Rep. Jim Cooper, is leaving that position to run for council. He previously represented the Maplewood area in the 90s and early aughts. (T)(D1)(QP) (link)
  • Lonnell Mathews, Jr., currently representing District 1 and termed out. He is African American. (link) (T)(D1)(QP)
  • Bob Mendes, an attorney, chairs the board of Nashville Electric Service. (link) (T) 
  • Jim Shulman. (T)(D1)(QP)
  •  Robert Duvall, currently a district councilman, term limited out, former unsuccessful candidate for the State House, and current Chairman of the Davidson County Republican Party.
  •  Sandra Moore, she is Council member in District 17 who is termed-out. (QP)
  • Al Carota (link) (QP)
  • Ken Jakes
  • Erin Coleman (QP)
Below are the people who are running for a District council seats or who may be running for District Council seats and any links to there websites other information. Most of the current Council members are "termed-out," meaning they have served  two terms and are not eligible to seek reelection. The names of incumbents who are seeking reelection are italicized in the list below. Three Council members, Josh Stites in District 13, Brady Banks in District 4, and Chris Harmon in District 26 are not termed-out but have chosen not to seek reelection.

District 1.
  • Ruby Baker, (link) (T)(D1)(QP)
  • Lioniel Green, Jr.. (T)(QP) Former officer in US Army, served in Iraq, on the board of the charter school Purpose Prep and Northwest YMCA. (link)
  • Rueben Dockery, he is a former candidate for the State Senate (link) (QP)
  • John H. Montgomery, (T) (QP)
  • Johnathan Richardson, (QP)
  • Jerry Stange, (QP)
  • Roosevelt Williamson, (QP)
District 2.
  • Carrie Searcy is an attorney  focused on criminal defense, family law, and personal injury with the law firm of Edward J. Gross. (link) (T) (D1)(QP)
  • Robert "Bobby" Stockard, (link)(T)(D1)(QP)
  • Decosta Hastings, He is a member of the Davidson County Democrat Party Executive Committeeman.(link) (T)
  • Danavan Hylton, President and Owner of Hoshana Management Group (link) (T)
  • Melvin Black, He is a former member of the Metro Council. (link) (T)(D1)
  • Charles Covington, (QP)
  • Laura Fortier, (QP)
  • Andre Southall, (T) (QP)
District 3.
  • Brenda Haywood, (T)(QP)
  • Helen Hughes, (T)
  • Timothy R. Coleman, (T)(QP)
District 4.
  • Robert Swope, (T)(QP)(link)
  • Peter Tuttle, (QP)
District 5.
  • Joseph Zerbee, (T) (D1)
  • Scott Davis, he is the incumbent, (link) (T)
  • Sarah Martin,  She is a liberal, works in the non-profit sector, neighborhood activist. She is a liberal, works in the non-profit sector, neighborhood activist.  (link) (link) (link) (T)(QP)
District 6.
  • Peter Westerholm, He is the incumbent and one of the more liberal members of the council (T)(D1)
  • Brett A. Withers, (link) (link) (T)(QP)
District 7.
Steve Clements
  • Anthony Davis, he is the incumbent councilman.
  • Stephen Clements, a Republican who heads the Caffeinated Conservatives group, works for the State of Tennessee, former Army officer, active in Madison Now and other civic affairs.  (link)  (T)(D1) (QP)
District 8.
  • Nancy VanReece, (link) (T)(D1)(QP)
  • Ramona Gholston, (T)(QP)
  • Chris Swann, (link) (link) (T)(QP)
  • Robert Sawyers,Sr., (T)(D1)(QP)
  • Danny Williams, (QP)
District 9.
  • Bill Pridemore, He is the incumbent seeking reelection. (T) (QP)
District 10.
  • Doug Pardue, He is the incumbent seeking reelection. (QP)
District 11.
  • Larry Hagar, He is the incumbent, elected in a special election in August 2014. In the short while he has been in office, he has voted the right way on the few controversial votes. He deserves another term. (T)(QP)
  • William Cyril Guthoerl, He is a conservative and I supported Guthoerl in his two previous races for this seat, however, Hagar has voted the right way since he has been in office and I am supporting Hagar. I spoke to William recently and he said he is still considering running. I discouraged him. He has not appointed a treasurer or picked up a qualifying petition as of 3-3-2015.
District 12.
  • Steve Glover, He is the incumbent seeking reelection. (T)(QP)
District 13.
  • Holly Huezo, (QP)
District 14.
  • Kevin Rhoten, a former Tennessee state attorney and legislative liaison in Gov. Pill Bredesen's administration. (T)(D1)(QP)
District 15.
District 16.
  • Tony Tenpenny,  He is the incumbent.(QP)
District 17.
  • Christopher Cotton,(link) (T)
  • Colby Sledge, A community activist, public relations professional with McNeely, Piggott and Fox and former employee of the Tennessee Senate Democratic Caucus. (link) (T)(D1)(QP)
  • Paula Foster. She is endorsed by the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund. She is practicing privately as a clinical social work supervisor and therapist as well as a practicing faculty member for the Vanderbilt School of Nursing. She lives with her "wife." (link) (link) (T)(D1)(QP)
  • Tony Watson, (T1)(QP)
District 18.
  • Burkley Allen. She is the incumbent (T)(D1)(QP)
District 19.
  • Freddie O'Connell,  President of the Salemtown Neighborhood Association, board member of Walk Bike Nashville. (link) (T)(D1)(QP)
  • Bill Shick, an attorney, member of the Tennessee Democratic Party's executive committee. (link) (link) (T)(D1)(QP)
  • Brian Mason, He is, a Republican and an international business consultant. He recently ran for the State Legislature
District 20.
  • Marisa Frank, (T)
  • Frank Stabile (link) (T)(QP)
  • Mary Clayton Roberts (T)(QP) 
District 21.
  • Leah P. Dupree, An attorney and legislative liaison for the Tennessee Department of General Services. (link) (T)(QP)
  • Edward Kindal, (T)(QP)
  • Mark Lollis, Jr (QP)
District 22.
  • Sheri Weiner, The incumbent Council member, a Republican. (link) (T)(D1)(QP)  
District 23.
  • Thom Druffel,(link) (link) (T)(QP)
  • Mina Johnson, very active in the West Meade neighborhood organization. (link)(T)(D1)(QP)
  • Timothy Lee, Tim Lee is a Republican and a former candidate for the state house. I like both Tim Lee and Jim Roberts in this race, however, I have already committed to Jim Roberts and am supporting his candidacy. (T) (QP)
  • Jim Roberts, former Republican candidate for Chancery Court Judge.
District 24.
  • Allen Grant, (link) (link) (T) (D1)
  • Nick McGregor, (link) (T)(QP)
  • Kathleen Murphy, She is a government lobbyist and active in Democrat Party politics. (link)(link) (T)(D1)(QP)
 District 25.
  • Russ Pulley, (link) (T) (D1) (QP)
District 26.
  • Jeremy Elrod, An attorney, employed at the Tennessee Municipal Electric Power Association. (link) (T)(QP)
  • Brocks Parks, (QP)
District 27.
  • Davette Blalock, The incumbent councilmember, A Republican.(link) (T)(D1)(QP)
    Davette Blalock
  • Gary Clement Ledbetter, Jr., (T)(D1)
District 28.
  • Travis W. Danker, (link) (QP)
  • Melissa Smithson, (link) (T)(D1)
  • Tanaka Vercher, (link) (T)(D1)
District 29.
  • Karen Johnson. She is the incumbent Council member. (T)
District 30.
  • Jason Potts, the incumbent council member. (T) (QP)
District 31.
  • Fabian Bedne, the incumbent council member. (T) (D1)(QP)
District 32.
  • Jacobia  Dowell (T1)
  • Troy Moody, (T)(QP)
  • Gerald Proby, (T)(QP)
  • Williams Kissie, (T) (D1) (QP)
District 33.
  • Sam Coleman,  former Councilman, (T)(QP)
  • Jimmy Gafford, (T)(QP)
  • Timothy H. Herndon, (T)
District 34.
  • Steve Butler, (link) (T) (D1)
  • Angie Henderson, (link) (T)(D1)(QP)
Lonnie Spivak
District 35.
  • Lonnie Spivak, a Republican and a former Republican primary candidate for the 5th Congressional district. (link) (T)(D1)(QP)
  • Vic Lineweaver, A former Metro Councilman who went on to be elected Juvenile Court Clerk and extreme mismanaged the office. He was once arrested for failing to provide client files to the court. He was filmed by a local news station in his driveway getting his newspaper while on the phone claiming to be at work. Lineweaver lost his re-election bid. He has been trying to get back into politics every since. (Lineweaver arrested by Juvenile Court officers) (link) (T)(QP)
  • Dave Rosenberg, a supporter of State Rep. and Council member Bo Mitchel and a supporter of School Board member Amy Frogge. Those are two good reasons to vote against him. He has several Bellvue community involvements. (link)(T)(D1)(QP)

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