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1st Quarter report on who is contributing to Jeremy Kane

Jeremy Kane
Quite a few out of State contributions
I  have examined Mr. Kane's 1st quarter report which is for the period that ended March 31st, 2015, which had a report due date of April 10th. Mr. Kane began the quarter with a balance on hand of $271,084, had receipts of $127,714, and ended the period with a balance on hand of $352,177. The candidate has loaned his campaign no money. He had unitemized contributions of $5,000. Contributions of not over $100 do not have to be itemized. Below are the contributions of interest.

The Kane campaign received $1,000 from a Mr. Dave Alexander with DBI Beverage Inc. of Sacramento, CA. He receive $500 from Todd Anderson of Wilmington, DE employed by  Morgan Stanley and $1,000 from John Anderson of Los Angeles, CA employed by Topa Equities. John Anderson is the son of John Edward Anderson who was one of the 400 richest people in America.

Jim Ayers, CEO of First Bank contributed $1,500 and Janet Ayers president of Ayers Assets contributed $1,500. Linda Bond of St. Louis, MO contributed $1,500 and Christopher Bond, owner of Bond Strategies of the same address as Linda Bond, contributed $1,500. Christopher Bond is the former Governor of Missouri and Republican Senator who represented Missouri for four terms.

Frank Bumstead, Analyst with Flood Bunstead Mead contributed $1,500 and Ann Bumstead of the same address contributed $1,500. Real Estate developer Rick Carlton contributed $1,500 and Andrea Carlton of the same address contributed $1,500 this reporting period for a cumulative amount of $5,500 from this household.

Edward Dobbs, Executive with Dobbs Equity Partners of Memphis and Cynthia Dobbs of the same address in Memphis contributed $1,500. John Hull Dobbs, CEO of Cobbs Equity contributed $1,500 and Susan Dobbs of the same address contributed $1,500.

Tim Downey who is CEO of Southern Land Company and Denise Downey who is a homemaker at the same address, each contributed $1,500. Council member Emily Evans contributed an additional $1,000 for a cumulative contribution so $1,500.

A Memphis couple by the name of Glenn Floyd, who is a residential builder, and Kirby Dobbs Floyd contributed $1,500 each. Michael Gains of Clearwater Florida  who is President of GSL contributed $1,500. Real Estate developer Bill Hawkings gave $1500.

Four individuals with the last name of "Hodge," all employed by the pay day lender Advance Financial each  made additional contributions of $750 for a cumulative contribution of $1,500 each or $6,000 from the Hodges of Advance Financial.

Investor Oman Bond with Oman Gibson Associates and homemaker Amy Oman of the same address contributed $1,500 each. H. G. Hill PAC contributed and additional $500 for a cumulative contribution of $2,500. AGC PAC located at 6070 Popular St, suite 750 in Memphis, which is the same address as that of Mr. John Hull, contributed an additional $1,500 for a cumulative contribution of $7,500.

Three people employed by Thompson Machinery, President John Thomspon, CEO Dewitt Thompson , IV, and President Dewitt Thompson V, each contributed $1,500.

I don't know who most of these people are and listed only those that I found interesting because of their out-of-town address or because multiple contributions came from people associated with the same company.  There may be others contributors that would be of as much interest. I encourage those who may be curious to look at the online financial disclosure. If you find a contribution of interest or have an insight on who some of the people are who are contributing to Mr. Kane's campaign, please leave a comment.

Below is what I posed following the examination of Mr. Kane's initial financial disclosure.

A review of this report shows the following contributions of interest: For the report period ending January 15th, 2015, Jeremy Kane starts his campaign with no money on hand, shows receipts of $310,381, expenditures of $39,297 and a balance of hand at the end of the campaign report period of $271, 084. As of this report, his campaign does not show any campaign loans. He has not put any of his own money into the campaign.

Below are the contributions I found of interest in his report. By no means am I the most well-connected political person in town, so others may find significant contributors that I overlooked or did not know of their significance. If you are an important civic-minded person reading this or someone seeking to maximize your influence and I didn't mention your name, please don't be offended. If you are a reader who wants to see for yourself who contributed to the Kane campaign, follow this link.

Kane's contributors come from a broad category of occupations.  There is no one profession that dominates like the numerous Vanderbilt professors who contributed to Megan Barry campaign or the many attorneys who contributed to Charles Robert Bone.

Kane received $6,000 from AGC PAC located at 6070 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN. I do not know who AGC PAC is and a Google search shows only Dobbs Management Service at that address. I have contacted the Kane campaign asking for clarification.

There is no first name listed but the last name of a contributor is “36 Venture Capital” who gave $3,000, and also Mr. David Freeman CEO of 38 Venture Capital and his wife Melissa gave another $3000.

Other contributors on interest are Attorney Nicholas D. Bailey $300; attorney George Cate, one of the founding fathers of Metro Nashville Davidson County $250; super lawyer and Republican Lew Conner $3000; Colleen Welch, retired Dean at Vanderbilt School of Nursing and widow of the late Ted Welch, who was one of the largest Republican fund raisers in the nation, gave $3,000.

May Dean Eberling who was the first Executive Director of the Metropolitan Historical Commission and a former Director of the Nashville Arts Commission and on the board of numerous non-profits contributed $534.  I also think she had some other important position in the administration of Richard Fulton. Why such an odd dollar amount, I have no idea.

Fred Dettwiller, CEO of Det Distributing and his wife Kathryn gave a total of $6,000 to the Kane campaign. Dettwiller also contributed to $1,500 to the Fox campaign. I guess he is hedging his bet. Butch Eley is another contributor contributing to more than one candidate for mayor. He gave $1,000 to the Kane campaign and his wife gave $750, but he also gave $250 to the Megan Barry campaign. School Board member Mary Pierce contributed $500 to the Kane campaign but also contributed to $500 to the David Fox campaign.

Council member Emily Evans contributed $500. The Waller Lansden PAC gave $1,500 and the  H. G. Hill PAC gave $2,000. Show PAC located at 2033 Richard Jones Rd gave $7,400. I do not know who Show PAC is or their purpose but the treasurer is listed as Steve B. Smith and the address is that of home builder and realtors Haury and Smith.

Retried Senator Doug Henry gave $200. Martha Ingram, Chairman of Ingram Industries, gave $3,000. I don’t know if David and Sarah Ingram are related to Martha Ingram or not but they gave a combined total of $6,000.

Representative Harold Love gave $250. Adam Nickas, former Executive Director of the Tennessee Repubican Party and now a lobbyist with Captol Resources gave $500.

Kane got a few contributions from out of state but nothing of much significants.

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