Monday, May 11, 2015

Tim Garrett for Vice Mayor!

When I served on the Council in the 80's I served with Tim Garrett. I consider him my friend. He is a reasonable, fair, honorable, and  knowledgeable person. He will listen to everyone. He will assist new council members in being the best council member they can be. His history of having served for a long time in the council will be of tremendous value with a council that will have a majority of new members.

The Vice Mayor conducts the council meetings and has to strike a balance between keeping council meetings moving and insuring that adequate debate occurs and that all voices are heard. I think Tim Garrett will strike the right balance.

Another major duty of the Vice Mayor is appointing council members  to committees and appointing chairmen of those committees. With a large council body, the council must rely upon the recommendations of the committees of the council. I believe Tim Garrett will make good committee appointments and will choose good committee chairmen. He will appoint members to committees based on their interests, experience, and ability. With Tim Garrett making the appointments to committees, I will have more confidence in the recommendations of those committees.

Should we be fortunate enough to elect some Republicans and conservatives to the Council, I do not believe Tim Garrett would attempt to marginalize those members. Tim Garrett would be fair in making committee assignments and in conducting meetings.

Tim Garrett is an old school Democrat and not an ideologue. By the standards of today, he is a conservative Democrat. He has concern for the fiscal health of our city and he has respect for tradition.  For the most part, political party affiliation has very little to do with the day to day work of the council. Conservatives and Republicans will be treated fairly by Tim Garrett.

I am enthusiasticly supporting Tim Garrett for Vice Mayor.

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