Thursday, June 25, 2015

A July 4th message from Marsha Blackburn: In Celebration of Freedom, Free People, and Free Markets


Marsha Blackburn
At church on Sunday, a friend grabbed me by the shoulders and declared, “This Fourth of July, I'm going to wave my flag, sing every stanza of the National Anthem, belt out ‘Proud to Be an American,’ and read the Constitution out loud.  I'm doing it because I'm afraid of losing our freedom.  Every day I listen to the news and can't believe all that's happening". 

These comments are not that dissimilar to what I hear from people every day; the message of fear, defeat, discouragement, and loss of the American Dream. These are emotions so often embodied in what we hear on the news. Maybe it's why so many of you tell me you have stopped listening to the nightly news reports altogether. You just don't want to hear it. I don't blame you, I agree with you.
Ronald Reagan would remind us that, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Freedom is always a hard fought battle, but a worthy fight indeed. And while many might be fearful, I am more resolved than ever to push back against encroaching liberalism.  Every rule and regulation and every dollar of additional taxes and fees causes each of us to lose a little more of our freedom. It seems the government is here for its own preservation, not for the people. The People's House seems to lose more power to the bureaucracy every year. 

I believe in the American Dream and opportunity for all Americans. I so love hearing stories from constituents who worked to make their dream come true. I find those stories exhilarating. They found an opportunity, an opening, and a way to achieve their version of the American Dream. They reached their goal. Why? Because they are free people living in a free land and have the right to dream big dreams and find a way to make those dreams become a reality. Many have fought back against those agency rules and regulations. They persisted and prevailed. Prevailing, winning, and achieving are what we want for all our citizens. 

The frustrations with Washington, D.C., politics, and the bureaucracy are well documented and we live with them in daily reminders. It is why, on your behalf, I write and sponsor legislation to remove the overreach of bureaucrats. Allowing across state line purchase of health insurance so you can have health care freedom, the SOFTWARE Act to give innovators some additional assurances and put government back in their right lanes, the Internet Freedom Act to rein in the FCC, and the CHOP Act to rein in the EPA. We can do this. America has regularly had assaults on our freedom. Always. And assaults will persist. Preserving freedom is our challenge; we should make it our cause.  

So, take this week to celebrate. Thank a member of the military and our veterans for choosing to fight to defend that freedom. Visit our Pinterest page for history and how-to ideas for children. Read the preamble to the Constitution. Teach a child the pledge. Dress up as Uncle Sam and walk in a parade. Above all, celebrate. Celebrate the freedom we enjoy and finish your day by recommitting to help fight to protect, defend, and pass along to the next generation an America that remains the land of the free and home of the brave.

Ben Franklin was asked after the signing of the Constitution as to the type government they had formed.  His answer: “A republic, madam – if you can keep it.”

Let's resolve to keep it.
Happy Independence Day.


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