Sunday, September 13, 2015

About the Fox loss: The Selling of the Soul of a Conservative

J. R. Lind writing in The Nashville Scene offers his take on why Fox lost, in an article titled "The Selling of the Soul of a Conservative."

He writes that Fox's conservative message of  fiscal pragmatism and a hands-off approach to broader social issues was a winning message in the general election but that in the runoff Fox stopped talking about what made him appealing. "He stopped articulating a message of careful, thoughtful growth," writes Lind.  "He was, at the least, complicit in attacks on Barry's religion (or lack thereof or whatever) which obviously didn't have their intended effect, but had the very dangerous side effect of broadening what was fair game in the campaign."

He says Fox "betrayed the pragmatic and thoughtful conservatives and moderates who were his base of support, but in a weird effort to woo voters farther to the right — who certainly weren't going to vote for Barry — he betrayed himself."

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