Sunday, September 27, 2015

1st Tuesday guest speaker is Marsha Blackburn, Monday, Oct. 5th

From Tim Skow:

1ST TUESDAY Members, friends and guests. 

Marsha Blackburn

YES......she's back !!!

Congressman Marsha Blackburn is flying home after appearing on Sunday's CNN broadcast of "State of the Union" to speak to 1ST TUESDAY on MONDAY, Oct 5th !
1] Boehner resigns -- can McCarthy become Speaker after his terrible gaffe? If not, WHO ?
2] Boehner's leaving affects? will Committee assignments change for TN Congressmen ?
3] The Pope's visit
4] The Budget ....with Republican majorities in both Chambers, why are we still using CRs ?
5] What is the House's special committee investigating Planned Parenthood going to do ?
6] What is coming regarding Putin? Benghazi? Hillary's emails? and more ?

TALK about a "power lunch"! Who knows what else will break by Monday? 

Marsha is literally in the middle of everything. Come get a behind the scenes insights on what has been making the news... and what more is coming next !

Yes...its on MONDAY ! 

But even with Congress in session ...Marsha is coming to see us on MONDAY. If .... Marsha can make it on Monday... Can YOU make it on Monday as well ? As "usual" we will meet at Waller Law - 511 Union St -27th floor. Doors open at 11:00. Lunch begins at 11:30 and is $20/Members and $25/Guests with Marsha starting shortly after Noon. What will be a dizzying Q&A session wraps at 1:00PM. Secure your seats at the 1ST TUESDAY website at - then click on "Join Us"

Remember: its $5 parking under the building if you tell Billy you've been to 1ST TUESDAY.

Pass the word ! Call your friends! Then get seating while it lasts !! See you on MONDAY, October 5th !

Tim Skow Host of 1ST TUESDAY

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