Monday, March 14, 2016

Direct Primary Care Bill Unanimously Passes the Senate

Beacon Center - Today, a bill that would allow patients to contract directly with their primary care doctors for their healthcare needs. By a vote of 32-0, the Direct Primary Care bill that will remove government restrictions and allow primary care physicians to deal directly with their patients will now move through the House.
Beacon Policy Director Lindsay Boyd stated, "Direct Primary Care took a big step forward today by passing the Senate. This bill will restore Tennesseans' healthcare freedom and expand their access to quality care. Think of Direct Primary Care like a gym membership. With Direct Primary Care, patients pay as little as $40 per month directly to their primary care doctor. In exchange, they get more frequent and longer visits."
Boyd went on to note, "Ultimately, today is a victory for lower and middle class Tennesseans. This bill will give those without affordable access to care the opportunity to save money and receive better, more customized care that they can actually afford."
To watch a video that explains the benefits of Direct Primary Care, click here.

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