Friday, April 1, 2016

Tennessee House votes to Scrutinize police seizures of property

By Chas Sisk- Tennessee lawmakers are demanding more information from law enforcement about asset seizures. The House voted unanimously Thursday to receive regular reports on how often police are taking property from suspects before trial. ...Tennessee lets law enforcement seize cash, automobiles and other property they believe have been used to commit a crime. It's then up to the property owner to prove those seized assets weren't used illegally — even when courts determine no crime was committed. House Bill 2176 would require the Department of Safety to report to the legislature each year the number of seizure cases opened, the number that also involved arrests, any types of property seized and how much cash was confiscated. (link)

My Comment: Across the nation there have been instances of abuse of forfeiture of assets. In my view you should not have to prove your innocents in order to get back your confiscated cash or property; the state should have to prove you are guilty before they can take it. However, this is a step in the right direction. Knowing the state legislature is looking over their shoulder, police will most likely abuse this practice less often and  if a problem exist the state legislature will be aware.

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