Friday, May 13, 2016

Bill to permit unisex restrooms proposed for Nashville

East Nashville Councilman Brett Withers has introduced a bill which would authorize unisex

restrooms at most businesses that have two or more bathroom facilities that each consist of single toilets and have locks on the doors. Currently Metro code requires businesses have separate bathroom facilities for male and female except in limited circumstances.

I support this legislation.  I know lines have been drawn and some people are going to have a knee-jerk reaction and oppose this in light of the controversy over legislation aimed at requiring a person with a penis to use the male restroom and the push back against those proposals, but this has nothing to do with that controversy. I would oppose a bill that mandated all restrooms be unisex or a bill that said a person could choose the bathroom of his or her choice based on their gender identity, but this does not do that and I can support this bill which allows a business owner to make his restrooms unisex when they consist of only one toilet and the door lock from the inside.

It make absolutely no sense to have a line of men waiting to get in the men's restroom when there is an empty women's restroom and both restrooms are single person restrooms that lock from the inside.

To see the text of the proposed ordinance, follow this link.

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