Sunday, May 1, 2016

The MTA bus terminal is a gun-free zone.

Following the tragic shooting recently at the downtown MTA bus terminal, I wondered if the facility

was a gun-free zone, so I asked. It is.

Could you please tell me the MTA policy on guns. Do you have a policy? If a person has a carry permit, may they carry their firearm on an MTA bus. Is the MTA terminal a gun-free zone. Are "no guns" signs posted?
Thank you.
 Rod Williams
A Disgruntled Republican

To Rod Williams
 Apr 29 at 2:45 PM
Thank you for contacting Nashville MTA/RTA. Mr. Williams, it is. MTA Code of Conduct states, “Individuals may not possess a weapon…..This policy applies to all MTA buses, bus stops and headquarters…”
Bryan A. Williams
Lead Customer Care Rep 

I still don't know if they have the policy stated and posted and if they have the little "no guns" sticker on the door or not, but it doesn't matter. Criminals do not follow the law. A gun-free zone simply means that people who follow the rules will be unarmed and only criminals will be armed.

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