Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Beverly Keel does not get it.

If you haven't heard enough from self-righteous, condescending, elitist liberals who look down their nose as we deplorables, you can read Beverly Keel's column in today's Tennessean.  In her column entitled Be heroes our children need in Trump era  she writes of  overhearing two women at lunch wondering why Trump's opponents were acting out the way they were.

She says, "I wanted to explain that the fear and anger stems from a very real concern that the Trump presidency gives license to sexism, racism, religious discrimination, sexual discrimination, and violence against those who are different from the white heterosexual majority." "I wanted to tell the women that the difference is that while many might not have agreed with the policies of previous presidents, we didn’t think they were truly bad men who would embolden their followers to attack others physically, economically and psychologically."

Give me a break!  I did not vote for Trump but it was about his position on trade issues and his foreign policy positions. I did not support Trump primarily because I did not think he was a conservative.  I do think he has character flaws and I am concerned about his temperament but the massive protest, the cry-ins, seeking safe places and acting as if Hitler just came to power is nuts!

Women did not react this way when we had a real serial rapist for president.  Trump made some crude comments; Hillary destroyed lives of women who revealed her husbands sexual predatory actions. Hillary and Bill peddled influence without shame.  Beverly says the reaction to Trump's election is because  Trump is really a bad man.  I think Hillary was a truly a bad women.  If she would have been elected president however, I would not have sought a safe place to have cry-in or

I think Beverly Keel does not get it.  People who have seen America go in one direction somehow thought that was the direction it would always go.  They got spoiled and thought that somehow they were on the side of history and destiny. When they didn't win, they had a meltdown. They are suffering from an illness know as Trump Unacceptance & Resistance Disorder.

Now the celebration of tolerance at the expense of security may be over, killing the unborn will no longer be celebrated but an attempt will be made to save the lives of the unborn, acknowledgment of American Exceptionalism will again a be respectable opinion, people will feel embolden to express an opinion that just because a man puts on a dress that does not mean he has the right to use the little girls room, and people will no longer feel cowered to conform to liberal political correctness.  Get over it!

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