Monday, March 6, 2017

It's official! Karl Dean is running for Governor.

From an email from Karl Dean: 
Dear Rod
As a supporter and friend, I wanted to tell you why I decided to run for Governor of Tennessee.  The simple reason is that we need to bring economic opportunity to every Tennessean. Tennessee is a great state that is poised to continue to move forward if we focus on the right work. As Governor, I want to create opportunity for all Tennesseans, regardless of where they live, and that starts with education and jobs.
Having managed a city through the Great Recession and a historic flood, I learned that problem-solving doesn’t begin with one person. And I also know there is no Democratic or Republican solution to problems.  It begins with all of us working together and so that’s the foundation on which we’re going to build this campaign.  
Sign up today to help keep this great state moving forward.  
A good job and a great education are not rural or urban issues, they are Tennessee issues.  As Governor, I will not rest until a good job, thriving business, and quality education are the standard in Tennessee.  
Help make a good job and high quality public education the standard in Tennessee by donating today.
We are just getting started, so there will be more updates and announcements in the coming year.  Please stay tuned and stay involved. Follow us on Twitter @KarlFDean and like us on Facebook @ElectKarlDean. And, check out
Thank you for your continued support.
Karl F. Dean

My Comment: I am posting this for informational purposes. Why Karl Dean assumes I am a supporter, I do not know. I will be supporting the Republican nominee.

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  1. The last thing Tennessee needs is former kept man Mayor Karl Marx Dean as Governor. I'm sure Komrade Karl will attempt to sell himself as some phony moderate, but hopefully his tax and spend, crony capitalist record will be exposed. Karl Dean cannot be underestimated, he's got plenty of the wife's money to spend, never having earned any of his own.

  2. His wife's money isn't even hers. She got it from her hard-working Conservative Republican father. How typical that the Conservative makes money and the leftist spends it all.

    And, yes, the Tennessean was already tossing out the "business moderate" lie about him. Even if he was elected, he has to realize it would be an enormous waste of time for him and the state. The legislature would merely override every nutty spendthrift and socially leftist impulse he has (which requires a simple majority). Tennessee needs something it has never had in the modern era, an actually Conservative as Governor. We've had plenty of squish country-clubbers RINOs (with only Dr. Dunn coming the closest to the right as a moderate), but not an actual government-cutting Conservative. Long past due.