Monday, May 15, 2017

Judge Allegra Walker resigns from Environmental Court due to pressure from anti-homesharing activist. Blast council critics.

Allegra Walker
Nashville General Sessions Environmental Court referee Judge Allegra Walker has resigned as Magistrate for the General Session Environmental Court.  She was responsible for ruling on short-term rental ordinance violations.  She resigned the part-time position after it was revealed she owned two short-term rental properties. Anti-homesharing activist and their friends in the press alleged that that created a conflict of interest.  

If a magistrate owns a rental property should he be  prohibit him from serving on the Environmental Court and hearing cases of landlords who violate property standards?  If an Environmental Court magistrate owns a home with a grassy lawn, should he be disqualified from serving on the Environmental Court and ruling on overgrown lots?  Ridiculous!

In submitting her resignation she blasted those councilmen who alleged her ownership of a Short Term Real Property created a conflict of interest. Below is her resignation letter.

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