Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Metro Council approves financing plan for soccer stadium

WSMV News 4

Below is the commentary of Melissa Smithson as posted to her Facebook page. Melissa has long been an advocate of the fairgrounds and was a leading opponent of the soccer deal.

Well, we can thank our council for setting the precedent tonight that our city will give you free public land if you are interested in development. NO, REALLY!

And, we will co-sign a loan for you if you need us to so you can hold on to YOUR MONEY, and you can pay us back a little each year, and hey - if you are not able to pay us back or guarantee the loan, that's okay too, our taxpayers have got you covered. AND, you can keep the land we give you too! WOW!

We were outnumbered by soccer fans tonight and did not have the turnout and was disappointed, and I don't hold any ill-will to any of them and not against soccer in any way. A number of them I talked to tonight do not understand either why the giveaway of public land was in the deal. It's one hurdle we were not able to overcome tonight, but we will stay on top of it and will have more chances to debate and people's voice be heard on this as there are more resolutions and bills to be vote on. I hope you will continue to contact the council and let them know your voice on this. Thanks to those that came out tonight!

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