Thursday, March 15, 2018

How will light rail work on Gallatin Road?

From Better Transit for Nashville - Watch a car go LIGHT RAIL SPEED OF 15 MPH & how other cars on Gallatin Rd. fly by; several drivers got angry. Imagine THREE LANES OF LIGHT RAIL PERMANENTLY DOWN THE MIDDLE OF GALLATIN RD FOR 6.4 MILES, for the next 50 yrs. Learn about the $9 billion Nashville transit plan & the five (5) light rail lines planned on five roadways.

This video is about the Gallatin Rd line, 6.4 miles at $789 million. See video of the street, photos, and watch a vehicle going light rail speed of 15 mph, with drivers upset, honking, flying by. Light rail is an obsolete, outdated transit model in a tech world. It is already obsolete, so why do Metro & corporate Nashville want it so badly? They get rich and benefit in 10 major ways, see them below. Light rail will at best serve 1% of commuters. The project will take 15 years and will totally alter nine (9) primary roadways: Gallatin Rd., Murf rd, Nol Rd, Charlotte Ave, NW Corridor, and four for Bus Rapid Transit: Dickerson Rd, West End Ave, 21st/Hillsboro Rd & Rosa Parks/Clarksville Highway.

Top Reasons we are against the plan:

  • The plan is not regional. 
  • Light rail is an obsolete transit model. 
  • Light rail ridership is 1% or less of commuters. 
  • Bus systems are more effective at increasing transit ridership. 
  • Light rail has failed in increasing transit ridership or reducing traffic in the cities that have it, even after 35 years, in cities with populations & pop. densities Nash will not reach for 75 years. 
  • At best, in 50 years, with light rail, Nash’s public transit ridership might go from 2% to 2.5%, likely will decrease. 
  • In 50 years, light rail will be completely obsolete. It’s obsolete now. 
  • The cost of the $9B plan per current MTA bus rider: $568,000 per rider. ($9B/15,650 riders=$568K)
  • The $9 billion cost could bankrupt Nashville. We will be financially threatened until at least 2060 with bonds, debt, four new taxes incl. highest sales tax in the nation. 
  • Light rail & BRT on nine (9) roadways will eliminate two & three lanes on already high traffic streets, a disaster. 
  • The plan includes NOTHING related to tech which is changing how we commute, travel & live. 
  • Light rail/tunnel is 70% of the costs.
  • Light rail is an outdated, 1800s transit model. 
Ten (10) ways the rich get richer through the $9B plan:
  1. They make $millions from the $9B build out. 
  2. The rail industry will make $millions from the build out. 
  3. Ongoing profits from the $300+M operations, maintenance. 
  4. Goldman Sachs & banks will make $50-100M from the bonds & financing, 
  5. Their corp./businesses will increase in value due to artificial govt. economic boost to “transit.” 
  6. Their land values near LRT/BRT will increase artificially. 
  7. They will continue to get business from Metro’s $2+ billion annual budgets. 
  8. They will continue to get tax breaks, tax incentives & sweetheart deals from Metro. 
  9. Developers will continue to get favoritism & codes changes that allow them to make more money; such as less parking requirements because “transit” is on the roadway. 
  10. Metro will get more tax revenue & have lower infrastructure costs, allowing bureaucrats to have job security for life.

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