Sunday, May 12, 2019

The Tennessean says Casada not worthy of being speaker.

Glen Casada
by Rod Williams - The Tennessean today editorialized that Glen Casada is not worthy of being speaker.  While the Tennessean is a major Tennessee newspaper, my view is that its opinion does not carry much weight, especially with Republicans.  It is predictably Democrat and predictably progressive Democrat. While this contributes to pressure on Glen Casada to resign, he should not buckle.  Being attacked by The Tennessean may even make the Speaker more popular among Republicans.

I continue to stand with Casada.  Maybe Casada did show poor judgment in hiring Cothren.  However, Cothren claims he had turned his life around and was changed man from the time when he was using cocaine.  Maybe Casada was wrong to give Cothren an important post.  Maybe Cothren did not deserve another chance.  In any event, Cothren was the author of the offensive emails, not Casada.  And, Corthren has since been fired.  Technically, he resigned but usually that means the boss asked for the resignation which I would assume is what happened.

I am still standing with Casada because I have seen no evidence that indicates he has done anything deserving of him losing his post. Maybe Casada misled radio host Phil Valentine by implying he did not know if the offensive emails were actually from Cothren when apparently he should have known.  If that is true, I am disappointing but don't think that is reason enough for him to lose his position as speaker.  I am also supporting Casada because I hate to see a rush to judgement and a mob mentality take down a good man.  Also, Casada has proven an effective leader in getting the governor's agenda though and running an effective legislative session. One thing I really like about Casada is that he has stopped Nashville from becoming the San Francisco of the South.  He has stopped Nashville from enacting several pieces of  progressive legislation or modified Nashville's progressive initiatives.  He has stopped Nashville from becoming a sanctuary city, he stopped Nashville from adopting inclusionary zoning,  he stopped Nashville from putting additional requirements favored by gay activist on businesses located in Nashville, and he curtailed the power of the newly created police oversight board to issue subpoenas.

Until something concrete is presented to show Casada did something wrong, House Republicans should stick with him and not let The Tennessean and politically correct enemies drive him from office.

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