Thursday, June 6, 2019

Metro General Election candidates list with contact information.

Back on May the 18th I posted the list of all of those who had qualified to run for mayor, vice mayor, or council seat.  Candidates had up until noon May 23rd to withdraw their name. I have not compared the two list, but if want the most accurate information, you need to see the official candidates list. Also, if you would like to contact one of the candidates, this list contains email addresses and phone numbers.

I encourage voters to call or email the candidates and ask them questions and get a feel for their knowledge and intelligence and qualifications.  Please don't just base your vote on just who has the most yard signs. It the candidate wants your vote, they should be glad to talk to you.  Maybe for mayor, one will have enough information to make an informed decision but for many of the district council races, talking to the candidate may be the best way to get sufficient information to make an informed decision.

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