Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Are we a better city since the last election?

by Thom Druffel - Hindsight is 20/20. This means we always see things more clearly in retrospect. Let’s test that.

Since the last Metro Council Election—are we a better city? If size and head count were the only criteria, I would say yes. But for the sake of argument, let’s use another touchstone—the quality of community life.
Is our public education better? No.
Are we repurposing our public lands/resources in a responsible and equitable way? No.
Is our city’s spending equitable, transparent, accountable, and fiscally responsible? No.
Is our public transportation better? No.
Are our aging and deficient infrastructures better (roads, sewer systems, and storm water systems)? No.
We all pay significant property taxes. Are we getting the benefit?
The Metro Council is the steward of our tax dollars and the guardian of our neighborhood's quality of life and resources.
The Metro Council impacts our education system by supporting programs that empower and encourage teachers and enhancing the environment in which they work.
The Metro Council facilitates and encourages legislation that ensures and preserves: greenways and parks, sidewalks, peace and quiet, minimal traffic congestion, financial, healthcare, and utility assistance programs for our seniors
I want to represent you/District 23 in the Metro Council. It's important that you are familiar with my background, my work, and why I am qualified to work the problems that threaten our quality of life in West Nashville. Please visit
There’s no question that Nashville is on the move, but in what direction? Ask yourself: Are we a better city since the last Metro Council election?
If you have any questions and concerns please email me
 Thom Druffel is seeking the Council seat in District 23. I am supporting his candidacy. Rod Williams

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