Monday, July 15, 2019

The at-large candidates share their, "Big Ideas For Improving Nashville."

WPLN, Nashville's public radio station, asked the candidates running at-large, "What’s your big idea for improving life in Nashville?"

Steve Glover, the only candidate I am voting for gave this answer: "To honor our commitment to all Metro employees and work to find a real solution to fix education and pay down the debt in Nashville."

That is a pretty good answer. If I was answering this question, I would say, "recapture some of the money that now is used exclusively to fund tourism promotion and downtown development, cut wasteful spending, improve government efficiency and management practises, close General Hospital, reduce the debt, cut corporate incentives for companies to locate to Nashville, and change metro's pension system from a defined benefit system to a defined contributions system."

Or, maybe I wouldn't. My answer would require answering "why," when it came to General Hospital, and few people would  have a clue what I was talking about when I advocated for a "defined contribution plan" as opposed to a "defined benefit plan." I guess, if running for office,  the best answers are short and simply.  People have short attention spans and like answers that make good Facebook memes or fit on a bumper sticker.  Glover's answer is better than mine.

There are 15 candidates running for five at-large seats.  These includes six current council members, a former council member, a past state lawmaker and some political activist and public figures with name recognition and some people of whom I have never heard.  While one may vote for five, to do so weakens the power of ones vote. Rather than divide my vote five ways I am going to vote for only Steve Glover. I want to lessen the chances that one of the radicals will win and I want one of the five at-large candidates to be a conservative so I am voting for only one person for at-large and that is Steve Glover.

To read the answer of all of the at-large candidates who answered the question, follow this link.

WPLN also asked the candidates two other questions. Follow the below links to see those answered.

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