Thursday, July 18, 2019

Twelve candidates for Metro Council haven't filed campaign finance disclosures

The Tennessean reports that twelve candidates on the ballot for the August 1 election failed to file their second quarter financial disclosure. The most prominent of those is at-large Council member Sharon Hunt who is runing for reelection.

Here is the complete list of those who failed to timely file a report:

  • At-large candidate Sharon Hunt
  • At-large candidate Matt DelRossi
  • District 1 candidate Finis Luther Dailey III
  • District 3 candidate Barry Barlow
  • District 5 candidate Pam Murray
  • District 7 candidates Stephen Downs
  • District 7 candidate Jacob Green
  • District 8 candidate Danny Williams
  • District 9 candidate David McMurry
  • District 23 candidate Rob McKinney
  • District 30 candidates Reuben Ford
  • District 30 candidate Sandra Sepulveda 
Candidates will be fined $25 a day for every day the report is late.  My view is that if a candidate fails to file a financial report on time, he wants to hide who is funding his campaign, or he is terribly unorganized and irresponsible, or had some legitimate reason, such as a death in the family or a natural disaster, that kept him from filing. Failing to file a financial report on time would not be the deciding factor in for whom I would vote, but it would be a factor.

Note that in District 7, two of the eight running for that seat did not file. Jacob Green failed to file. He also has no campaign Facebook page or website. I don't know if he has been actively campaigning, but this is a sign he is not a serious candidate.

In District 5, Pam Murray failed to file. She is a former council member trying to get back in the Council. She was controversial when she served before and was what I would consider a bad councilperson. I don't know her two opponents, but I would not want to see her reelected so this is a good sign. If she is so unorganized that she can not file an important report on time, maybe her campaign tactics have also been unorganized.

In District 1, one of Johnathan Hall's opponents did not file. I am supporting Hall. In District 23, one of the challengers to the incumbent failed to file. In that race, I am supporting challenger Thom  Druffel.

In District 30, two of the four candidates in that race failed to file. If this is any indication of how they are running their campaign, then this is a good sign for my preferred candidate Lydia Hubbell

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