Friday, August 30, 2019

Steve Gill is out of jail.

Steve Gill
Conservative radio pundit and part owner of  Tennessee Star Steve Gill was released from Williamson County jail on a reduced bond of $50,000.  He was arrested on August 20th for past due child support of $170,000. His bond was set for $170,000.  He was divorced from the wife to whom he owes child support in 2011.

That was a bad week for Steve Gill.  Gill's current wife filed for divorce and a temporary restraining order also last week.

I am posting this without judgement as to the guilt or innocence of Steve Gill.  I know nothing about his situation. I am posting it simply because Gill is a celebrity in conservative circles and readers of this blog may have missed this news elsewhere. 

I do think parents should support their children, divorced from the other parent or not.  If one is unable to pay, there are legal remedies to have child support reduced.  The purpose of bond is to assure someone shows up for a court date.  To set the bond the same amount as the amount of child support due seems like bond is being used for a collection devise rather than assurance that one shows up in court. Jails should not serve as debtors prisons.

I am not assuming that because a divorcing wife gets a restraining order against her spouse that the husband is a dangerous person and a restraining order is justified.  Often the lawyer of a divorcing wife will tell the wife to get a restraining order.  It is almost routine.  I went through a divorce in the mid 80's and my crazy wife at the time got a restraining order against me totally without any justification.

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