Saturday, June 27, 2020

I'm sorry, so sorry, please accept my apology for spreading hate.

by Rod Williams- The below video is provided as accompaniment to the story.

 Last Sunday The Tennessean printed a full page ad from a nut-job doomsday religious cult that said "Islam" was going to set off a nuclear devise in Nashville.  It is to happen July 18th. You can read the ad at this link.

Following the publication of the ad, the story was spread by social medial It went "viral." Not sure exactly how many shares or hits on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter something has to have to have "gone viral," but a lot of people shared it and commented on it. Of course, then the mainstream media picked it up.

The Tennessean engaged in boot licking and groveling to atone for spreading "hate." They have returned the thirty pieces of silver, they have apologized, wrung their hands, admitted they were wrong, and wondered how in the world it could have possibly happened.

The thing that makes the ad "hate" is that is says "Islam" is going to attack Nashville. That is just stupid on the face of it. "Islam" can not attack anyone. Islamist could, followers of Islam could, radical Muslims could; but "Islam?" That is a body of belief, a religion, an idea. It takes people to set off a nuclear devise, not an idea. If you substitute "Catholicism," or "Judaism" or "Protestantism' or "Buddhism" or "Communism, "the same would apply. Catholics, or Jews, or Protestants, or Buddhist, or Communist could set off a devise, but not those sets of believes.

I didn't find the ad deplorable because it was hateful; I found it amusing because it was so stupid. It was a stupid ad from start to finish. When people start quoting Biblical prophesy and offering their interpretation as the obvious right interpenetration, and are so certain that they have figured things out, I tune them out. I may read for the amusement factor but I cannot take them seriously. Everyone from Hitler, to the Pope, to Barack Obama, have been labeled the Antichrist. The mark of the beast has been everything from social security numbers to ration cards to bar codes. Obviously, Biblical prophesy is open to various interpretations. When one puts a date to a doomsday event, it is bound to get some attention. I doubt many people have packed up and fled Nashville due to this ad, however.

I find the whole thing humorous. The Tennessean which is the guardian of political correctness and has an evangelistic passion for spreading wokeness, published the stupid embarrassing ad. Apparently, they did not even discuss it- no, not that they did not discuss it- they didn't even read it, before publishing it.

When caught, the The Tennessean could have taken one of several approaches.

The We-believe-in-Free-Speech,-sorry-it-you-don't approach. You know the spiel: a high minded approach to publishing all points of view, even those we disagree with, the importance of a free press, blah, blah, blah. They could mention that back when Nashville had massage parlors and strip clubs they even sold ads to those enterprises and they certainly don't support with human trafficking, but they are a conduit for communication; not censors. And, they could point out that have often sold ads to political cause that differed from the editorial position of the newspaper, published letters to the editor which contained views to which they do not subscribe. Free expression of ideas and all points of view is almost a sacred trust. Of course they would have thrown in the Voltaire,“I wholly disagree with what you say and will contend to the death for your right to say it.”

The sorry-if-you're-offended approach. I love this one. It is so disingenuous. It is basically saying, you are an overly sensitive idiot and are shallow. I should have, however, taken that into account and not offended you. It is the non-apology, apology.

The we-made-a-misstate,-now-move-on approach. This takes some discipline to pull off but corporations, institutions, and public figures do it all of the time. It could have went something like this: Recently, the The Tennessean published a questionable ad which many found offensive and which may have violated our community standards. Upon reflection, after a careful review, we conclude we were in error in accepting that ad for publication. Keep it short and simple. If pressured, the entity may have to repeat this more than once. However, don't debate it, keep elaboration to a minimum, use bureaucratic, now-emotional phrasing, stay on message, be boring, and keep it short.

The Tennessean went for the the I'm-sorry,-so-sorry-please-accept-my-apology,-sack-cloth-and- ashes approach. This involves ass kissing, and groveling. The "victim" of your crime, may not let you off that easy. You may have to pay ransom. You may have to go to reeducation camp. You may have to walk through the street with an "I'm Sorry" sign around your neck and submit to being pelted with orange peels, egg shells and coffee grounds.

I am finding the whole thing amusing. I hope it doesn't end soon.

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