Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Metro Nashville school board again denies five charter school application appeals, prompts debate among members

The Tennessean -  ...all of which were denied in 7-1 votes, with only board member Fran Bush voting against disapproving the applications.

All five schools denied earlier this year submitted amended applications for review this summer, including:

  • Nashville Collegiate Prep 
  • Ivy Prep Academy 
  • KIPP Southeast Nashville College Prep Elementary School 
  • KIPP Southeast Nashville College Prep Middle School 
  • KIPP Antioch College Prep High School
Bush spoke favorably about charter school operator, KIPP Nashville. "What I hear from parents are they're very excited about KIPP," Bush said. "I can only speak about Southeast [and] KIPP in my experience. They've been a model steward in our community. They have shown student academic gains. I have not heard one compliant, I've actually heard great things about how KIPP is operating and supporting students." (read more)

Rod's comment: It is almost as if the school board likes failing schools. They would prefer all students get an equally bad education rather than some students get a superior education. It is as if they want to hold back good students so poor students won't look so bad.

Charters have had a pretty good record of winning when appealing Metro Schools Board denials to the State. I, of course, do not know the virtues of all of these schools that have applied for charters but I do know I have zero confidence in the Metro School Board to fairly evaluate a charter school application. I hope the State overrules Metro when Metro denies a charter to deserving schools. Charters have a had a good track record of winning on appeal.  I wish the State would just remove Metro School Board from the equation and Charters could apply directly to the State.

For several years, Metro school enrollment has been declining as Davidson County population has been growing. How is that possible? People with school age children are not settling in Nashville. Nashville may be a fun place for a single person or a young childless couple but when people have children and settle down, the surrounding counties look awfully appealing. With the whopper of a tax increase just passed and failing schools, more people will flee the county. The wealthy who can afford the tax increase and can afford private schools will stay and the poor are often stuck here with no means to leave. We are seeing a hollowing out of the populations with the middle class fleeing leaving the poor and the wealthy.

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