Monday, October 19, 2020

Nashville BLM "mural" has already been vandalized.

 by Rod Williams - As I predicted, the

Nashville, tire tracks on
the BLM mural
Nashville BLM "mural" has already been vandalized.  This time it was with tire tracks and it occurred less than 24 hours after the mural was completed.   The article reporting this is not clear on how tire tracks on a street constitute vandalism,  however.  The picture of the tire tracks show tracks running the length of the mural along the bottom half of the installation. The truck could not have been "laying down rubber" for that length.  Is it done by braking and skidding to a stop? I don't know how one makes tires leave tracks.  Does one apply something to the tires?  Is it just oil, or does one apply paint to the tires.  I have no idea how this is done. Please explain if one knows how this is done.

Since the start of the BLM uprising, vandalism has been a tool of the insurrection. Many feel that vandalism is a legitimate form of protest and expressing frustration.  All across America, almost no one has been arrested for mere vandalism although clean up cost can run into the thousands of dollars.  Seldom is anyone arrested even for property destruction, arson, are looting. Governments have routinely ignored and tolerated these crimes, however one is more likely to be arrested for arson than simple vandalism.  Simple spray paint vandalism can be expensive to clean.  When vandals spray-painted "BLM" and a little other graffiti on Nashville's Peace monument it cost $10,000 to remove it (link)

NY, NY: Vandals hit BLM mural outside
Trump Tower for 3rd time.
While  I do not condone vandalism, no matter the target, I am very concerned that government is selective about which vandalism they are willing to tolerate and which they punish.  This is much the same thing we have seen with our own local governments in response to the Covid-19 rules.  Thousands of  BLM members protest in downtown Nashville and the mayor even encourages people to attend the protest and show their support.  No one is arrested for being in a crowd larger than authorized, for marching without a permits, for failure to social distance or failure to wear a mask.  However, a religious outdoor gathering occurs in Nashville and the city vows to investigate and punish those responsible for the gathering (link).  The same with vandalism.  The city stands by and watches spray-paint of buildings and monument happen and no one is arrested and yet police investigate tire tracks on on the road that "vandalizes" a BLM "mural."  I know that if one is caught vandalizing the BLM mural, they will be treated differently than those vandalizing downtown building. How serious a crime is treated depends on who is committing the crime, the reason and the target. Approved groups get a pass.

BLM "murals" have been painted in cities across America and vandalism of these murals is common. Below are some news articles on the topic of vandalism of BLM murals.

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  1. Rod, it's not the difficult to "lay drag'. Judging from the length of the marks, my guess, it was probably a Mustang or a Camaro. A higher horsepower car that is light in the rear end would be the most effective.