Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Why Republican state legislative leaders and governors not supporting President Trump's fight against election fraud

Rebecca Anne Burke
By Rebecca Anne Burke- Why are Republican state legislative leaders and governors not giving much support to President Trump's team fighting election fraud?  I think there are many reasons and few have to do with the President himself. 

One, I think governors and secretaries of state are, frankly, afraid of the outcome of finding for the President or taking measures that throw the election into uncertainty. They are cowards. They don't want the riots in the street that would likely erupt. Not on their watch do they want to hurt their own political futures. 

That brings me to point two, their lack of moral courage to do what is right. Everyone in politics knows that fraud goes along with voting. Fraud goes with politics like jelly on the peanut butter. Not saying I like it or can even tolerate it. I even thought about writing a book about my small potatoes election bid, and all of the unethical and borderline illegal things that went on. Politicians assume that this will happen, you just work harder to improve your margin of victory to counter it.  Those days have to stop. In this election, the fraud, not errors, fraud was very likely so massive that it overturned an election in which the President earned a historic number of votes, far in excess of his landslide victory of 2016. Politicians are cowards. They will fight tooth and nail to ensure self-preservation even if it bankrupts the integrity of a federal election. That's a very harsh statement from me, but one that I believe. 

Three, too many of the states' governors and Republican elected officials, such as Secretaries of State were of the "Never Trumper" breed. President Trump was fine as long as he stayed out of their wheel house and kept the federal money coming. I think they feared him, he was not one to be bluffed. They did not like supporting someone who could turn against them and "counter punch" with the best of them. Intimidation typically does not cultivate support that can be counted on later in a crisis. 

Four, to admit that they opened the door to a corrupt voting system, for which they paid millions, would be to ensure the erosion of trust in them! I am sure there are plenty shaking in their boots when they have to admit they invited Dominion in the front door, including Tennessee, when there was already an abundance of literature about their software and flaws that made it easy for foreign players to hack and change votes. We have to hold them accountable. Now, this presumes that their selection of Dominion was not because they were "paid off" or offered the ability to have fraudulent protection for their own election. I believe there is some of that going around. To admit that their state's election was rife with fraud because of a voting system they selected, is like showing your mother, your filthy hands when you claim you just took a bath. They took a bath alright, in bribes and perks. They are so good at it, they likely skirted weak legislation that they wrote to get away with it. 

Five, they just want to get on with it. They are not locked into any candidate. As long as it is hands off in their states, they believe they can tolerate any regime change. They don't want to hear that they failed to protect the vote. They don't want any legal teams probing around in the mess they allow, equating that to third world countries. They would just assume that the digging stopped before it ended at their doorstep. 

Six, politicians don't like to be held accountable, for anything. Sorry, again, I do feel that way. I have latched onto supporting some extraordinary individuals because I found out they were one of the few that breaks that mold. The coast to coast outrage IS seeking to hold them accountable and they hate it. They want it to go away. 

Those, my friends, are the major reasons why, in my eyes, we are not getting the support we should have earned from Republican governors, Constitutional officers and legislatures.

Rebecca Ann Burke is an astute political observer and one whose opinion I respect. She served as a member to the Tennessee Republican Party Executive Committee for District 23 from 2014-2018. She is the past president of America First Federation. The above essay first appeared in Facebook.

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