Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Farmer Williams at work in his urban homestead.

 I have been to Farmers Co-op and I've got the cap to prove it.

Since retiring I have upped by gardening game.  Today, I went to the Farmers Co-op for the very first time in my life since I was a child and I also bought my first pair of overalls. 

I  really like Farmers Co-op.  For those just buying ornamental flowers, Home Depo has them beat, but for seeds, sets, and 6-pack of veggie plants, Farmer's has them beat.  Plus, it is fun to see what all is to be had, including tools and overalls, at the Co-op.

The Davison County Farmers Co-op is on Dickerson Road.  If you are a back yard gardener, I highly recommend at trip to the Co-op. 

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  1. location, hours, phone has info for other locations, like LaVergne. I didn't know there was one in LaVergne.