Friday, May 14, 2021

Nashville property tax hike: Commission's decision likely clears way for single-issue referendum in July. Metro's counter measure not on the ballot.

by Yue Stella Yu, Nashville Tennessean - Unless a court rules otherwise, voters will not see a Metro-backed option on the July 27 ballot against the anti-property tax hike proposal, the Davidson County Election Commission decided Thursday night. 

The commissioners — who voted 3-2 Monday to hold a July referendum on efforts to reverse Nashville's property tax hike — will seek a court opinion on whether a Metro-backed measure could go on the same ballot. 

The council-approved alternative, which would offset the anti-tax hike initiative, is now in the hands of the court following a 3-2 vote by election commissioners along party lines. The commission will seek a court opinion on the legitimacy of the proposal and urge the Metro council to revise it in the meantime. (link)

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