On a personal note:

Today is my and Louella's wedding anniversary, married Dec. 3,2005.

Facebook Post, Dec. 3, 2015-

We were married in a ceremony at our house. Amanda McClendon officiated, my mother sang a song, my uncle Richard offered the prayer, my brother Don gave a toast, my sister Becky did the beautiful flowers and we had good food and wine. If was a very sweet occasion and if I say so myself, a beautiful wedding. About 50 people attended.

Many people think we have been married a lifetime, We met in Washington DC in 1991 and dated long-distance a long time and she moved to Nashville in 2001. Louella was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2003, but probably had it since 2001. Now, it is almost hard to remember her before Alzheimer's but we had a wonderful life together. She was smart, well-read, had lots of interest, loved travel, and was adventurous. I wish those who have only know here as the lady with Alzheimer's would have know her before. She really is the love of my life.
While I was in Cleveland, Louella was in good hands. 

Louella enjoys a Margarita at Las Palmas
August 24, 2015 - While I was having fun in Cleveland, Louella was in good hands with Sue. On Saturday, Sue took Louella by taxi to the Melrose Kroger shopping center where Louella got her hair cut, then they had dinner at Las Palmas. I am so blessed to have Sue as Louella's caregiver and that I can get away for a couple days and know Louella is in good hands. If I was leaving Louella in the hands of a stranger hired through an agency, I just don't think I could do it. In addition to getting politically recharged in Cleveland, it was good for me to have the break from my routine of caring for Louella and escape the reality of her condition.

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  1. I like Amanda McClendon. She presided over the only jury trial I have had so far. I did not like the prosecutors Danielle Neliss, I think was her name, and Buford something. It is so nice to have someone you trust to care for those you love. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Louella looks like a wonderful person and one of God's lights. You'll are lucky to have each other. BTW u may wish to add Brian Wilson show to ur bloglist. God Bless U & God Bless our America. Thanks, Rod

  3. I really enjoy the article. Thanks Again. Awesome.